Cracking Cavachons

Beautiful friendly and healthy Cavachon puppies, raised in a family home.

What is a Cavachon?

Beautiful, cuddly and very loving Cavachon F1 puppies.  Cavachons are a cross between the wonderful and gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the cute bubbly and luxurious Bichon Frise.   F1 meaning the breeding of any 2 pure bred dogs of  different breeds. They are 50% of each breed.








 They are easy going dogs with the lovely nature of both parents, make excellent companions and are not known to be aggressive. They are very easy going and love to be loved. Their coats are a mixture of both parents and are normally known to be very low to non - shedding making them a  popular choice for allergy sufferers. Our son Thomas has asthma and eczema and has no allergies to any of our dogs. Please dont be fooled into thinking they wont moult as some do due to the cavalier side of the parentage.
One person's allergies may vary greatly from another person's. It is always wise to visit the dog to see if you are allergic to it before you commit.


I am an independent breeder from our family home.  We have noticed other Cavachon sites have used my content on their own pages. We are not associated with these breeders.


I am happy to recommend some good breeders that follow the same ethics as us. Pop over to facebook to find a breeder who tests just click the link >>   Pups from tested parents 


Also come over and join us and other Cavachon and Cavapoo owners on our facebook site Cuddly Cavachons and Cavapoo's



We also have lots of dogs that the pups will grow up with at the start of their lives. They will be socialised with our dogs and children and other adults, used to household noises and will hopefully be paper trained.















  • "We cannot thank Nichola enough for Mollie, we researched the breed for along time before coming accross Nichola's website. Mollie is a gorgoeus ,loving chilled out puppy, thanks..."
    Nicky Bament and family
    Family to Mollie
  • "I looked for a Cavachon puppy for two years, almost got scammed a few times and somehow very luckily came across Nichola and her wonderful puppies. My little Gizmo is beautiful..."
    Emma Woodward
    Mummy to Gizmo
  • "Nichola's puppies are the best, but also Nic is the best breeder. Nic shows compassion, professionalism and caring for her Cavababies over the call of duty! I feel privileged to..."
    The best puppy ever!

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